Not Fade Away



Old battered wood as art.

I thought of angels and old churches

Yet, painted an orchard.

An idea this week, a chronicling of visits…

Friends, women of my Bible.

The stories of them, us. An idea…lingering now for just a bit.

Not fade away this time, Lisa…not tuck underneath…not fade away.

I’d have done many things.





maybe, published and placed

a book in hands of another

had I begun,


in what my heart had spoken clearly

by now.

Begin again…not fade away.

2 thoughts on “Not Fade Away

  1. Lisa, I sense in your “Not Fade Away” that you long to do things that you feel have been delayed. I believe that things happen when the time is right and that you will write your book and paint your pictures in the Lord’s time. You have been deepened and ripened in the giving of yourself to others in mental health; you have a vast wealth of experiences and soul connections that deepen and enrich your life. You are a writer and an artist in your very being. The Lord will bring you to full fruition of the expression of that part of you when the time is right. Now you are preparing yourself in beautiful ways; I am blessed by your writings, Carolyn


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