Under Heaven

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On a rainy day, exhausted for good and really happy reasons.

I walked.

It’s good for me, so I walk.

Reluctantly, I walked.

Grey sky under puddled ground, I set out and noticed the beauty of grey against green all around.

To me, just as beautiful as the clear, bright blue.

The trees, feathery leaves offering

pink and white distractions.

I thought to myself; feeling odd,  I love the sky no matter its color.

I love the vast openness of sky, anticipating my arrival.

God, offering up the wide sky like a flip chart meeting, a  strategic gathering of bird, tree, sky, God and me.

Walking with intent or just in meantime

I stop, look down before opening gate back home.

Fixed on the beauty of a fallen camellia amongst scattered petals of pear tree blossoms.

Pausing there and feeling content

Regardless of storm.

Time, season and purpose under God’s heaven

Ecclesiastes 3

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