Outside with Blues

grace, rest, Trust


I saw three bluebirds and wanted to call my cousin

Right away.

As soon as possible.

Tried to snap a pic.

Oh well.

Then saw two fat little robins, babies gathered on the ground.

Mama lifting up to perch on limb, coming back down to check on babies.

And the hawks, the hawks again, up above as I walked.

I know this has meaning.

It does, I know.

I remembered a call then, actually two this week.

Two people giving up on themselves.

A girl 14, the other woman  older,  a little older than me.

Both in a safe place now.

Inside a scary place,  yet safe.

Both at a loss, lost overwhelmed and uncertain of life at all really.

Both secure and inside a place to get better, to get hopeful.

Getting home from work, even before I got there I knew.

I must go outside, hoped they could too.

Knew it might make a difference

To empty worry into the wide blue sky and  be reminded

of the sparrow,


and God.

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