My Little Things of Faith



I’d love to think I might quilt one day.

My aunt describes its comfort.

Her fabrics so beautiful, so intricate in tiny pieces, soft cottons, multi-colored.

All pieced, patterned, aligned…She told me,  “learn to quilt.”

I know it’s quite unlikely.

Because, to quilt would involve tiny little pieces

patterns, textures…

Together, in a pattern, yet laboriously compiled.

Instead, I mix together color, texture, layering.

Starting and finishing in an afternoon or morning.Ins-1165316474451529645_654751538

So,  I doubt I’ll make a quilt.

But, hope to paint for quite awhile.




Digging in the dirt and looking out for


This is the good way of life…

Faithfulness in small things.

Moving the geraniums inside.

Waiting  for the daffodils to peek through.

Faithful, not for faithfulness sake, badge of enduring.

But,  for the fully embracing of little things of faith.

Nourishing the soul.

Singing or dancing or writing or

Quilting, painting or planting


Happy way of life…finding your thing.



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