Semblance of Word

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I especially like when words match feelings to a “t”.

Did you know to endure means to suffer patiently?

As if to expect tough times;  yet, with patience

Enduring, knowing salvation will come.

 But the one who endures to the end will be saved. Matthew 24:13

I love too, when what we think is random or coincidence is in fact much more.

So much more.

When I’m surprised by the semblance of one thing and another.

And I stop.

Oh, my. This is God.

This is God.

I bought this little cinched up bag, folded slips of paper inside.

Reach in, take one out, think about it, maybe tuck under magnet on fridge.

Bible verses, take one out, see if it resonates.

So, today…the verse spoke of endurance.

Praying before reading, as usual. I asked for good days for my children, a reprieve, for a “let-up” so to speak.

Requesting goodness, ease, blessings and for them to sense God.

They’ve been enduring.

And I’ve been praying.

This morning, I pulled a little slip out and read.  Then, my daily reading per outline, Genesis, Psalms, Matthew.

Matthew 24, today.  Day 21.

Synchronicity in words.


Semblance of prayer and word.

Over 31,000 verses in the Bible.  Today I needed just one…twice.

God in the details.




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