Day 6 of 31 Days of UNimpressive Writing: writing from heart – how things happen

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Afternoon art therapy. Some of my paintings will be in the new shop downtown, so this is scary for me because it’s been a dream for years. I hope I don’t chicken out. If you have that “thing” you love and it loves you back it’s easier to keep it safe than show it off.

This was my instagram caption on the day I decided to paint and to “do the thing I must do that I thought I could not do.”

Because if you love something so much it’s a treasure, your soul’s salve,  you just don’t want to run the risk of tainting that relationship, that charm you hold close.

You know, the thing that’s yours and yours alone, so you keep it close, and comfortable and safe.

It all started with a conversation about hanging art.  I said casually, “I paint” which led to the owner of a new shop asking to see my work.  So, I took  the next step towards that must do thing, went home and began to paint.

Painted for four hours straight on a misty Saturday,

Went back with ready to hang pieces, given names that she called stories.  The story part, I loved the most.

Yesterday,  Heather called to say  “Guess what happened! I came to the shop to see your paintings and you had just sold one, the owner was getting ready to call you.  It was the Isle of Palms painting.” Isle of Palms

Less than two hours earlier I told my cousin “I sort of regret taking them.”  I had already convinced myself that I’d end up bringing them back home and my walls would be even more covered with my art.  My house is full of art.

They’d be safe again, from critique, from judgement, from wondering  “How on earth I could have thought of myself as an artist? ”

“But, it’s only been a week, I shouldn’t give up yet.” I said.

Here’s how things can happen.

You do something you’ve been afraid to do.

You’re vulnerable enough to be brave enough to allow your treasure to be seen.

You expose your heart’s desire to the world,  because of dreams and thoughts of why not and you move closer towards confidence that seeks no validation.

You sell one piece of art, a painting called  “Letting Go – Isle of Palms”.

You decide to paint again, before you decide it’s too scary.

To do that “must do thing” because you fear you will again think you cannot.


5 thoughts on “Day 6 of 31 Days of UNimpressive Writing: writing from heart – how things happen

  1. Lisa,

    I love these pictures of your art. You know, most artists paint in isolation but we really need to rub shoulders with others — so that we can learn, so that we can be inspired, so that we can feel a part of this something that is bigger than us. We are all vulnerable — I can’t tell you how many years it took before I could say “I am an artist”. I still react to those words — sometimes with joy and sometimes with fear.

    So the Aiken Artist Guild has a meeting on Monday night, the 12th. The social hour starts at 6:30 and the meeting starts at 7:00. The speaker is Tim Conway from Aiken Art and Custom Framing on Park Avenue in Aiken and he is speaking on “Big City Framing on Small Town Budgets, the Nuts and Bolts on Glass, Mats, and Affordable Framing Options.”

    I would love to take you as my guest. Could I pick you up at 6:30?



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