Worship…get quiet and abide


Quiet time for me is not always quiet; it’s a grasping ritual for the Lord. Now, you would think with a brand-new career minded early to rise Kindergarten aide for a daughter and teenage son, there’s not the requirement for interruption. So, quiet time, should be quiet time. Sometimes it still feels like work. But there’s this searching , yearning, seeking of “quiet time” that is in fact worship. It’s the time, Bible in hand, not a sound in the room except the Beagle’s rhythmic snores…that you happen upon a verse and you read it like it never existed before. You sense the Holy spirit so strongly you become emotional and just sit with that feeling for a bit. That’s Worship! Not hands raised, proclaiming, but peaceful presence and a thing that happens that causes your soul to smile and you long for more it…abiding in Him, that’s worship!  That’s peace and that’s worth seeking!

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