Angels and Listeners

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Prompted by the word, “Inspired” this morning and reminded of a conversation about the angels, an unexpected listener, his ear inclined to my story of the angels.

Five Minute Friday, an opportunity for free flow of thought to here.

“How did the angels begin, what inspired you? he asked.

So, I told again, the simplicity of beginning to create again and to paint angels.

“I began sketching them in the margin of my Bible and they became my thing for me and now, occasionally, for others. ” I said.

A civic meeting, lunch time discussion, professionals and friends.

And, I am asked about the angels.

Same way, same question, new listener.

This one, he listens intently. I tell of the process.

He is not pretending to care.

His interest and ear inclined.

I continue with the latest angst over a piece I can’t get right, “martha, mary” I call it.

Keep beginning again, setting aside, coming back to stand over and wonder what is not true.

I tell him of those who’ve commissioned pieces, still feeling slightly ill at ease over what sounds pompous and prideful in the artistic.

He says, leaning back and clearly decisive, “I’d like to commission a piece.”

Continues with the painting he envisions being unprompted, only slightly directed by the desire of himself and his wife for their home.

Confident in his expression, in mine, that the painting will be representative of what he’s seen of them, and of me in the angels.

I smile now over the possibility of an angel in our midst yesterday during our
noontime conversation.

Angels and Other: The Art of Quiet Confidence can be found on my page here.

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