Coffee and Restoration​ with a side of Sunshine

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Surely, I’ll be less pitiful today. I woke up knowing I must redeem myself from yesterday’s miserable mood!

Surely, I’ll remember last night’s sky and go into today feeling optimistic.

This was my waking thought.


Prayer and coffee after fitful sleep

The first thing I see on Tuesday is a request to pray for Haiti.

So, I do.  I pray silently for a place and a people I’ll most likely never see.

Yet, children there fear things I can’t fathom and what they hold in their hands is just a tiny morsel compared to the excess I claim as mine.

The storm is headed their way. I glance towards my coffee.

I pray it doesn’t destroy them.

I pray for my friend, the secret request in my envelope.

Some days I’m sunshine, others I’m a pessimistic shadow of impending distress.

 Tuesday feels better already simply because I prayed for others.  Holy Spirit, bend me towards your way and ripen the fruits of my spirit today. May I be abundant in your produce. 

I flip the pages of my Bible heading to Philippians; but, stopping at Corinthians.

I go and refill my coffee, get distracted by the dogs’ refusal to pee and then wait, staring out the window.

The overgrown tower of green stalks, brown on the bottom has decided to bloom just like he said they would when I asked,

“When are you gonna cut that dead mess down?” “Not yet.” he said, pointing to the buds with tiny specks of yellow.



I walked slowly outside to see the bright yellow blooms reaching up high.

I see, now they’ve bloomed.

There was still something good to come from the old brown stalks overtaking the fence.

Still good there, bright like sunshine. New like the day.


 For we are glad when we are weak and you are strong.

Your restoration is what we pray for. II Corinthians 13:9




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