To Be with Jesus

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I wouldn’t say it was the very first thought today.

But, once I had sweet creamy coffee in hand, I sat and then thought.



Lord, what is it you will teach me today?

I’d read from the Book of Mark yesterday and would be picking back up there.  Jesus with people, seeking, following or doubting…all hearers of His stories, parables and encounters.  I’d have been captivated

I would hope so.

I wonder, if I’d been one of the chosen 12 or at least had time in His midst

Would I have been an attentive and engrossed student

Listening closely, comforted and content?

Or might I have been one to question, to be agitated by notions of what should have been a more prolific and royal presence?

Mark 6:6

Mark 6:6

Would I have been disappointed?

Wondering, who is this friend of sinners, teacher and one who beckoned everyone…come closer, listen?

Would I have hunkered down, found a quiet place in the boat, raging storm all around; nevertheless, secure because of His nearness?

Or would my fears have gotten the best of me, untrusting

And He marveled because of their unbelief.  And He went about among the villages teaching.  Mark 6:6

Unwilling to believe?

Would my terror have led to anger, so much that I questioned this man sleeping in stormy waters…this healer, this soon to be Savior?

I wonder if I would have known His peace or panicked.

I wonder if I’d been one following close behind Him on narrow paths of dirt

If I’d have been a happy disciple or a fatigued and weary traveler.

Would I have been bitter over Jesus stopping to notice a greedy little man in a tree, a filthy, lonely soul covered in sores, or a brazen woman aware of her sin, yet still hoping for redemption?

Or would I have known the purpose of the stories?

Would I have been impatient, expecting an elaborate and rehearsed lecture to prepare for the kingdom, culture, or citizenship to come.

Scholarly and pompous, would I have shown up only to be given wise instructions?

Or would I have listened like a child at His feet, hanging on words that told of a wayward son’s choosing wealth over work,  pig troughs, the worth of sparrows, not hiding lights under bushels, and seeds sown the right way so as to grow big, big faith?

I hope I’d have been the one who rose early to be with Jesus

To ask

Morning glorious

Morning glorious

“Jesus, what is it I need to hear today?”

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2 thoughts on “To Be with Jesus

  1. How lovely! May I invite you to share at DanceWithJesus Linkup to bless someone there? I want to be with Jesus and I bet others will want to see it the way you share it. starts each Friday for a week.

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  2. Thanks for these beautiful descriptions of biblical possibilities! Now I’m thinking about my “what ifs” in the Book of Mark. Enjoyed reading this post Lisanne! #GodMeetsAllOurNeeds – linkup

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